Atlas Roofing

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Atlas Roofs Provide Impeccable Beauty and Unprecedented Protection From Wind, Hail, and Water.

If you’re looking for unbeatable strength of high-class materials with the affordable cost of shingles, consider Atlas Roofing materials. Atlas Roofing products offer unbeatable dimension along with incredible resistance to the elements for a long-lasting roofing system. Find out more about the advantages of using products by Atlas Roofing in Mills and Casper, WY by calling (307) 224-4912 to speak with one of our professionals.

Ultimate Roof Design Tools

The Atlas Roofing Roof and Home Design Studio allows you to use sample images or upload a photo of your home to preview the look of multiple types of shingle types, styles, and colors to see exactly what the finished product will look like. Now, not only can you choose roofing material by its durability and performance, but you can eliminate bad aesthetic choices as well. This program allows you to test new roof materials with the look of your current home, as well as how it will look with possible future color updates and exterior changes before installation.

Siding and Trim Options and Experiments

Do you want to know how your home will look with a new color of trim or different siding? The Atlas Roof and Home Design Studio program will allow you to experiment with multiple types and colors of trim, siding, and even brick and stone to produce a real look at your dream home. This program allows you to save, share, and analyze your designs for the ultimate reference for your home’s appearance.

Atlas Roofing Advantages

Atlas Roofing materials offer unprecedented wind protection up to 130 mph by applying larger than normal sweet spot nailing areas, double layered adhesive strips, and larger shingles that provide more stable coverage. Many Atlas Roofing options, such as Stormmasters options and the Pinnacle Pristine line, offer unrivaled class 4 impact resistance by utilizing a rubberized polymer that adheres to the shingle to provide more flexibility and strength. Atlas’ Scotchgard technology provides substantial protection against black algae build up on your roof, providing a more elegant, uniform appearance. In fact, many roofing solutions by Atlas Roofing carry a lifetime limited warranty on black algae resistance.

Atlas Class-4 Impact Resistant Shingles

Hail Can Cause Costly Damage to Your Roof. Impact Resistant Shingles can Help Prevent Expensive Hail Damage.

When replacing your roof’s material, it’s important to think about the protection you need. Atlas Roofing has designed a line of shingles that carry a class 4 impact rating for the ultimate protection against hail and debris. Both Stormmaster Shake and Stormmaster Slate shingles come equipped with impact resistant technology and are available in multiple colors for unbeatable variety.

Your roof is the frontline of protection for your home from water, weather, UV rays, and even animals and insects. When your roof is damaged by hail or debris, the entire structure’s composure is compromised. Dents and dings to your shingles can cause asphalt loss, tearing, and thinning that can cause your roof to lose strength and durability. Unseen damage to the roof’s underlayment and structural components can allow leaking into your home, causing hundreds of dollars in damage. Installing class 4 impact resistant shingles in the Mills and Casper, WY area can provide extra protection for your shingles and your home. These shingles are tested by a 2” steel ball and record no damage at a drop of 12 feet. This means that your roof is protected from the brunt of any storm, and small debris has almost no chance of causing harm. In fact, class 4 impact resistant shingles offer such outstanding protection, they often receive homeowner’s insurance premium discounts.

Atlas Stormmaster Shake Shingles

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These Shingles Offer the Distinguished Look of Architectural Shingles With Top Rate Protection.

The Atlas Stormmaster Shake Shingles provide outstanding protection against weather and wind. In fact, these shingles can withstand winds of up to 130 mph, whereas a typical shingle resists only 60-100 mph winds. These shingles also come equipped with the superior technology of Scotchgard to protect your roof from unsightly black algae for a cleaner, more uniform surface. These class 4 impact resistant shingles offer a large sweet spot nailing area for ideal fastening and have a double adhesive strip for optimal adhesion during high winds and rain. When you need a strong, long-lasting shingle without the heavy cost, call our professionals at (307) 224-4912 to discuss options for Atlas Stormmaster Shake Shingles in Mills and Casper, WY.

Atlas Stormmaster Slate Shingles

Replacing your roof can be an overwhelming, unsettling endeavor. From choosing the correct roofing team to selecting the right roofing materials, every decision seems to have dire consequences. Fortunately, Atlas Roofing provides a multitude of roofing products that are durable and beautiful, like the Stormmaster Slate line of shingles. These shingles boast impact and black algae resistance as well as multiple styles and colors to choose from.

What Makes Stormmaster Slate Shingles Different?

Not all shingles are made alike. While all shingles will cover your home, not all brands offer the unwavering protection extended by Stormmaster shingles. Not only do these shingles offer unrivaled protection from impact, high winds, and black algae, but they also deliver a larger sweet spot nail area for precision attachment as well as larger shingle size for more dimension and strength and less waste. These shingles’ Fastrac double adhesive strip makes them sturdier than ever. In fact, Stormmaster Slate shingles can withstand up to 130 mph winds as opposed to a normal standard of 60-110 mph. For all the incredible benefits of Atlas Stormmaster Slate shingles, call our experts today at (307) 224-4912.

Atlas Scotchguard Protector

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Never Worry About Ugly Black Algae Again With Atlas Scotchgard Shingles.

As time goes by, your roof can begin to develop a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma or black algae. Typically, this alga is transferred by wind, animals, and water, and goes from home to home throughout neighborhoods. While cleaners can help rid your shingles of the black algae for short periods of time, it almost always returns. This type of algae is repelled by copper and zinc, which is why many times, there are no algae streaks under objects like vents and fans. Atlas Scotchgard protected shingles provide a layer of copper over the granules and then covered with a 3M porous ceramic coating to protect them from any algae threats. Scotchgard technology is available in three shingles choices including Stormmaster Slate, Stormmaster Shake, and Pinnacle Pristine, and repel black algae so well that when they are used in partnership with Pro-Cut Hip and Ridge Shingles for capping, they carry a lifetime limited warranty against the algae.

Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingles

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Like the Stormmaster Shake and Slate line of shingles, Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles offer unbeatable wind resistance with the ability to withstand up to 130 mph. These shingles are also equipped with Scotchgard protection, making them completely resistant to black algae that can build and create unsightly black streaks on your roof. Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles are also class 4 impact resistant, and offer larger sweet spot nailing areas along with wider shingle construction for optimal positioning and fastening, every time. Along with great durability, these shingles offered an exceptional selection of hues and colors to provide the perfect look for your home. For more information about the benefits of Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Architectural shingles in Mills and Casper, WY, call our professionals today at (307) 224-4912.

Atlas High-Wind Resistance

When it’s time to replace your shingles, the last thing you want is to have to repair them again soon. Atlas Roofing has designed a state of the art shingle that is more wind resistant and durable than ever. Atlas’ high-wind resistant shingles are bigger, better, and made to stop high wind shingle damage.

While many products offer high wind protection, only Atlas Roofing has perfected a shingle that’s actually bigger for extended protection. These shingles are available in Stormmaster Shake and Pinnacle Pristine selections and are made 42” wide with a 1 ½” sweet spot nailing area and double Fastac adhesive sealant line for ultimate resistance to wind damage like tearing and stripping. These shingles can withstand winds up to 130 mph, and will not detach like most shingles that have only 110 mph resistance.

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When you need a new roof, your options can feel overwhelming. For a strong, durable roofing solution that can stand the test of time, try Atlas shingles. These shingles, paired with the Beartooth Exteriors professional installation team, will provide beauty, protection, and strength for your roof, even in high winds and hail. Call our professionals today at (307) 224-4912 to learn how can benefit your home, and how simple and convenient your Atlas Roofing installation in Mills and Casper, WY can be.