Atlas Roofing

When deciding on a new roof, you face many difficult decisions based on the color, texture, strength, and cost of your material. If you’re looking for unbeatable strength of high-class materials with the affordable cost of shingles, consider Atlas Roofing materials, available throughout Casper, WY. Atlas Roofing products offer unbeatable dimension along with incredible resistance to the elements for a long-lasting roofing system. Find out more about the advantages of using products by Atlas Roofing in Casper, WY by calling (307) 224-4912 to speak with one of our professionals.

Our Professionals are Certified to Install Any Type of Atlas Roofing System.

Atlas Roofs Provide Impeccable Beauty and Unprecedented Protection From Wind, Hail, and Water.

Atlas Roofing Advantages

Atlas Roofing materials offer unprecedented wind protection up to 130 mph by applying larger than normal sweet spot nailing areas, double layered adhesive strips, and larger shingles that provide more stable coverage. Many Atlas Roofing options, such as Stormmasters options and the Pinnacle Pristine line, offer unrivaled class 4 impact resistance by utilizing a rubberized polymer that adheres to the shingle to provide more flexibility and strength. Atlas’ Scotchgard technology provides substantial protection against black algae buildups on your roof, providing a more elegant, uniform appearance. In fact, many roofing solutions by Atlas Roofing carry a lifetime limited warranty on black algae resistance. Call our roofing technicians at (307) 224-4912 to learn more about Atlas Roofing materials in the Casper, WY area.

Professional Installation You Can Rely On

Our professionals are trained and certified in all Atlas Roofing installations to provide exceptional roofing service, every time. We will work with you throughout the entire roofing process, from the initial evaluation through the final inspection to provide answers to your questions, guidance on your material options, costs, and benefits, and offer flawless installation for a roof you can be proud of for years. Our professional roofing team will install your roof using only proven techniques and fastening methods for optimal attachment and stability that lasts. When you need experts you can count on, call our experienced roofing team for your Atlas Roofing installation in Casper, WY or the surrounding areas.

When you need a new roof, your options can feel overwhelming. For a strong, durable roofing solution that can stand the test of time, try Atlas shingles. These shingles, paired with the Beartooth Exteriors professional installation team, will provide beauty, protection, and strength for your roof, even in high winds and hail. Call our professionals today at (307) 224-4912 to learn how Atlas Roofing can benefit your Casper, WY home, and how simple and convenient your installation can be.

  • Home and Roof Design Studio Get a real look at your new roof, color scheme, and material options with this home designer program.
  • Scotchgard Protector For black algae protection like never before, Atlas Roofing offers Scotchgard protected shingles.
  • High-Wind Resistance Find out how the very construction of your Atlas Roofing options helps provide unbeatable wind resistance.
  • Class 4 Impact Resistance Beat the effects of hail and debris with class 4 impact resistant shingles by Atlas Roofing.
  • Stormmaster Slate Shingles When you want incredible protection paired with unrivaled beauty, these shingles may be ideal for your home.
  • Stormmaster Shake Shingles These shingles can provide your home with unstoppable resistance to the elements while delivering impeccable dimension.
  • Pinnacle Pristine Shingles Learn how these shingles offer the appearance of designer shingles along with the durability and strength of Atlas Roofing materials.