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Which Metal Roofing is Best for Your Home

When it comes time to reroof your home, you’re faced with a plethora of roofing choices, from shingle options to tile and slate choices. In today’s roofing industry, metal roofs for homes aren’t uncommon. In fact, over 14 percent of homes in The United States are equipped with residential metal roofing. One possible reason why metal roofing has become so popular is because of the long list of benefits that accompany each roofing system. To find out which metal roofing system is best for you, read more about your residential metal roofing options.

Why Choose a Metal Roofing System?

Metal Roof on a Home

Residential Metal Roofing Options Offer Substantial Protection and First-Class Style.

With so many roofing options, it can be difficult to identify the ideal system for your home. Shingles offer protection and affordability but likely won’t stand up to severe weather or heavy impacts as well as other materials. On the other end of the scale, tile, wood and slate roofing offers incredible durability and style, but at a hefty cost. Thankfully, homeowners can now have the best of both worlds with a residential metal roofing system. These lightweight, long-lasting systems require no preinstallation bracing and can protect your home for 50-100 years. In fact, many metal roof systems come with a 50-year warranty. Although this material is lighter weight than many premium options, it still offers incredible benefits. Metal roofing delivers

  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements
  • Low Repair Occurrences
  • Fire Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Weather and Water Protection
  • And much more!

Along with the general benefits of all metal roofing systems, each style has its own list of advantages.

Types of Metal Roofing Systems

Just like with most roofing materials, metal roof panels a multitude of styles and types. Each style of roofing delivers unbeatable benefits and aesthetics that will last for years and provide unrivaled protection. Whether you’re in the market for a simple, rustic style or you’re looking for something more modern, there is a metal roofing choice that meets your needs.

Metal Tiles

Metal Roof Tiles

For a unique appearance that still offers top-level protection, consider metal roof tiles. These metal roof panel styles are available in faux slate, tile, and even wood to deliver a classy look that still requires little maintenance and repair. Metal roof tiles have all the benefits of metal roofing including energy efficiency, fire resistance, and long life while being much less expensive than their wood, tile, or slate alternatives.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal

These metal roof panel styles are used on steep-sloped roofs for extreme water protection. These panels are ridged for reinforced strength along with added flexibility. This allows your roofing system to provide extra protection against impacts and high winds as well as delivering defense from seam separation. Available in both steel and aluminum options, these roofing systems are a top choice among metal roofing systems.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing Seam Metal

When you want the ultimate protection from water and snow, these metal panels are the option for you. Because this style of metal roofing is assembled with raised, vertical seams that are snap locked or mechanically sealed, they offer unbeatable water drainage and seam protection. These systems’ raised seams also offer reinforced impact protection by shielding the panels with the raised seam area.

Stone Coated Steel

Stone Coated Metal

If you’re looking for a metal panel roof without the rustic appearance of metal, stone coated metal roofing may be the best choice for your roof. These panels are coated with stone fragments which not only deliver impeccable style and class, but also provide reinforced protection from UV rays, impacts, and water. These panels are available in almost any style and color and can deliver a unique appearance for more than 50 years.

Can Metal Roofing go Over Shingles?

Metals roofs are known for being able to be installed directly over most shingle roofs, cutting the expense and hassle of a roof tear-off. Unlike other roofing systems, metal roofing materials will protect at the same level, even when applied over previous roof materials. However, if your roofing system already has multiple layers of material, it may be recommended to complete a tear off for optimal efficiency and protection. A professional roofing team can inspect your current roof and help you decide whether you should complete a tear-off before installing the new material.

Local Metal Roofing Experts You Can Trust

When it’s time to replace your home’s roofing system, don’t get overwhelmed by the various roof material options. Metal roofing provides the protection and affordability that you want from your roof while delivering the protection and style you expect. The Beartooth Exteriors, Inc team provides top quality residential metal roofing throughout the Mills and Casper, WY area so you can rest assured that your roof is strong, sturdy, and ready to handle whatever comes. For more information about your metal roofing options in the Mills and Casper, WY area or to speak with our experts about your metal roof, call the Beartooth Exteriors, Inc team today at (307) 224-4912.

Is a Shake Shingle Roof Right For You?

close up of wood shingles

For Wood Shake Shingle Roof Repair, Call Our Roofers Today

It is common knowledge that while asphalt shingles are the cheapest shingles on the market, they have the shortest lifespan and damage easily. For a shingle roof that will last decades, boost curb appeal, and provide natural durability, get shake shingle roofing. While they do have lots of advantages like aesthetics, cedar roofs do require the most maintenance out of all the roofing systems in order to keep its beauty. Wood shake shingles are prone to leaking and roof rot since water can get trapped underneath the real wood shingles. If you suspect your roof is leaking you can get it examined for holes like with infrared roof scans in Austin, TX. For shake shingle roof repair or installation in Mills and Casper, WY, call the experts at Beartooth Exteriors, Inc at (307) 224-4912 today.

Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofs

  • Giving your home a rustic and fresh appearance, wood shake shingles have a visible 3D appearance that architectural shingles try to imitate and asphalt and 3 tab don’t have at all.
  • Since these shingles are made out of real wood, no two roofs will ever be identical. While this is great for uniqueness, if you ever need to repair or replace a section, it can be hard finding a match.
  • These roofs require regular inspections and washing to remove algae that grows on the wood and to check for leaks since water can get trapped under the shingles.
  • Wood naturally absorbs water and expands, so if your shingles expand too much, they crack, split, and warp and require replacing.
  • Old wood shake shingle roofs used to be extremely flammable, but now cedar roofs are available with fireproof resistant coatings.

How Do You Know If You Have Roof Damage From Hail?

How Do You Know If You Have Roof Damage From Hail?

Find Out How To Inspect for Hail Damage and Determine if Your Need Hail Damage Roof Repair.

When we experience a severe storm that includes hail, it can be devastating to our roofing systems. While we might not think no hail damage was done to our roof, there still could be damage that hasn’t presented itself yet. So how do you know if you have hail damage and require hail damage roof repair? If you aren’t comfortable getting your roof to check, you can always call a professional roofer, or you can look for signs at ground level.

How To Identify Roof Hail Damage

  • Gutters: One of the first things you should look for signs of damage is on your gutters. If you have severe dents or cracks in your gutters, then you probably have roof hail damage; you will most likely need roof repair, as well as seamless gutter installation.
  • Exterior Walls: This really applies if you have siding on your home’s exterior walls. If you have had hail affect your home’s siding, such as making dents or cracks, then there is a good chance that the roof is also damaged.
  • Windows: It’s a good idea to check your windowsills for dings or dents. Of course, this could be from something else, but if you have dents on your walls and gutters, then the dents or dings on your windowsills are most likely from hail.
  • Other Systems & Devices: Look at your air conditioner unit, patio furniture, or mailbox to see if they have any damage. These are good places to look to see if hail might have affected them.

If you think that you need hail damage roof repair in Mills and Casper, WY, please call Beartooth Exteriors, Inc at (307) 224-4912We can also inspect your roof to determine if you do have hail damage.

To Resurface or Replace-The Age Old Question

If you have decided that it’s time for a new look in your home, the cabinetry is a great place to start to accomplish a dramatic change with minimal work. But should you resurface your current cabinets or replace them? Consider these points to help you make the right choice for your home.

We Can Help You Choose Between Less Costly Resurfacing and Longer-Lasting Replacement.


While cabinet resurfacing is less expensive in most cases, the age of the cabinets is a huge factor in whether it’s a good idea. If your cabinet system is more than a decade old, resurfacing can cause material cracks, weakness, and other issues that end up making your cabinets look worn. However, if your cabinet system is fairly new, a resurfacing job can save you on material cost and labor.


If you would like not just a new look but also a new layout, it’s always best to go with a cabinet replacement. Many times, trying to salvage cabinets when remodeling can lead to problems with function and fitting. However, if you are looking for a new look but not fully remodeling, cabinet resurfacing can provide the same effect without the cost of replacement.


As always, your budget plays a big part in the work you would like done. Typically, resurfacing your cabinets is much less costly than a complete replacement. But, if it makes sense to replace the setup to get a longer life without the worry of repair or maintenance.

When you’re considering cabinet work in your Mills and Casper, WY home, call the Beartooth Exteriors, Inc experts at (307) 224-4912. We can provide knowledgeable guidance and service to help you get the cabinets you expect.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Your Home

While vinyl siding in the past wasn’t the best material for your home, it has become one of the best and most popular types of siding for homes in the U.S. There are many reasons for this with a list of these benefits included below.

It’s Very Versatile

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Vinyl Siding Has a Wide Range of Benefits.

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of this type of siding. Vinyl is known for how versatile it is, as it comes in a wide range of colors, as well as designs. Want yellow siding or maybe the look of wood? You are able to get that with vinyl siding.

Vinyl Is Really Durable

Vinyl is not only able to withstand hail and wind, it won’t ever corrode. Due to the material, you don’t ever have to worry about it corroding due to water or other elements.

This Siding Is Low Maintenance

Because of the material of this particular siding, you don’t have to worry about a lot of maintenance due to damage. Also, because of the durability and versatility of vinyl, you don’t have to do any touchups on the paint.

Better Energy Efficiency

In normal exterior walls, you can lose a lot of heat or cooling between the studs. Vinyl, however, has extra insulation over the studs to prevent warm or cool air from leaving your home. This is great because you aren’t wasting energy.

It Is Cost-Effective

Unlike other exterior wall materials, vinyl is very affordable, which makes it a very attractive option for homeowners who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to increase their curb appeal.

For siding installation in Mills and Casper, WY call Beartooth Exteriors, Inc today at (307) 224-4912.


Gutters and Fascia and Soffit, Oh My!

Fascia and Soffit Underside

Your Fascia Serves as the Attachment Point for Your Gutter System.

Two of the most crucial segments of any rooftop are the fascia and soffit. Many homeowners don’t even know what they are, let how to care for them. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’ve never been taught about your home’s fascia and soffit, here’s a quick guide for you.

About Your Fascia

Look on the side of your home’s roof system. Do you see the horizontal panel your gutter system attaches too? That’s your fascia board and it offers a point of attachment for your home’s gutter system. The side of your roof serves as a shield against critters and heat trying to sneak in under your rooftop. A well-installed fascia will be sealed, sturdy and tightly connected to your gutter system.

When Fascia Requires Maintenance

Clogged gutters can spill over onto the fascia board and corrode it. If you see cracks in the board or gaps in the sealant, your fascia needs maintenance. Be sure the gutters are also tightly attached.

The Soffit Underside

Your soffit lies beneath the section of the roof that protrudes beyond your home’s wall. You’ll know you’ve fond the soffit when you spot vents beneath the roof. A roof’s soffit has the important job of ventilating the attic, releasing the natural heat that builds up during sunlit hours.

Caring for Your Soffit

Ensure the vents in your soffit are unobstructed. This will prevent your roof from swelling with hot air and kicking your HVAC system into double time. If you spot wood rot (for wooden soffit) or rust in your soffit, it might be time to consider a replacement material.

For more information about your fascia and soffit, you can talk to one of our experienced roofers at Beartooth Exteriors, Inc. We’d be happy to chat with you at(307) 224-4912.

Going “Metal”: 3 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing

It’s not a passing fad. Metal roofing is soaring in popularity across the United States, with good reason. If you’re wondering why, here are three of the most popular reasons to pick a metal roof.

Energy Efficiency

A Shiny Copper Roof

With a Metal Roof, You Don’t Have to Worry about Sudden Repair Costs.

If your home sits in direct sunlight throughout most of the day, you’ll know how quickly things can heat up. HVAC units work their hardest during hours of intense sunlight, because normal roofing tends to absorb heat instead of reflecting it. Metals like aluminum and copper however, are highly reflective, providing relief for your hard-working air conditioning unit.

Elemental Durability

Erosion causes millions of dollars in damage every year for homeowners, but metal roofs rarely show any symptoms (even in states with heavy snowfall). Aluminum is especially common in areas with intense rainfall or high wind speeds, because it doesn’t rust when exposed to the humidity.

Lasting Value

Copper ages well. Really well. As a matter of fact, copper roofing actually develops a unique sheen as it ages, causing it to appreciate in value instead of losing it. Not all metals have the luster of copper, but they do have this in common: they retain their investment value for decades. Metal roofing rarely requires repairs, and homeowner maintenance is simple.  

All three of these benefits show why metal roofing has become so popular in the last decade. For more information on metal or other roofing materials, contact one of our specialists at (307) 224-4912. See which metal might be right for your home.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

The roof on your home is one of the most important parts of your house. This is because it is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting from things like weather. It is recommended that you have your roof inspected once a year or so. This is so that you will always be able to have peace of mind that nothing is wrong with your roof. It is also so that your roof remains in good shape for the amount of time that it is supposed to. Shingles become loose, water damage can happen, and parts of your roof may have molded or become damaged. These are all common problems that people find in their roofs and cost a lot to get fixed. That is a big reason you should have an inspection done once a year because you can catch the problems before they get even worse.


Warranty – New roofs can come with warranties that also have stipulations in order for them to remain active. The stipulation is usually that you need to have a roof inspection at least once a year. This will protect you and the roofing company, by having a regular look at the problems, if there are any. Instead of suddenly having to have an entire roof replacement, you may just need to replace a few shingles here and there, which is much less expensive.

When you need a roof inspection, don’t hesitate to call Beartooth Exteriors, Inc at (307) 224-4912. We can send a roofer to your home right away and get the job done right!

Taking Storm Roof Damage One Task at a Time

Realizing you have storm roof damage is no small experience. When you’re faced with roof damage, you’re faced with the prospect of expensive, time-consuming repairs that no one wants to undergo. You have to find the right contractor and all that search entails. It’s not a fun prospect. However, great roofers, like those at Beartooth Exteriors, Inc., will make that process easier on you. Before you hire your professional roofers, don’t panic. Take the process one step at a time in an effort not to be overwhelmed.

Inspect and Take Note

Rain on Roof

Roof Storm Damage

Never climb onto your roof when it’s damaged. In fact, you should always take extra caution when you’re near your roof at all. With the help of another person, climb onto a ladder and take as close a look as you can without getting onto the roof. Survey the damage and take note of how it looks to the best of your ability. Any details you can provide your contractor will help make sure your needs are addressed as thoroughly as possible.


It is important to know how much you are able to spend without going into debt, particularly if your roof is severely damaged and will need a lot of repairs. When you budget consider both the worst scenario and the best. If you’re still very concerned about the cost and you don’t have anyone to help, you can always talk to your contractor about your cost worries. There may be arrangements you can make, or your roofing contractors may have suggestions on what you can do.

Though you shouldn’t wait to have your roof repaired after storm roof damage, you can take a little time to try and remain calm while you get ready for repairs. Let us help make this an easier process for you. Call (307) 224-4912 today for storm roof damage repairs in Mills, WY.

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Your roof was once a grand, superior component to your home’s appearance and protection. However, as the years have passed, your roof has become aged, worn, and drab. When you begin to notice damage to your roof, it can be difficult to know when it’s okay to simply make repairs, and when to begin planning for a replacement. These clues can help you decide which route to take when it comes to your roofing.

Our Roofers Can Help You Decide Whether Repair or Replacement is in Order.


The biggest factor in replacement is the age of your roof. Many roofing materials only last around 15 years while some can protect your home for upwards of 50. Once the shelf life on your roof material has expired, you will begin to notice more weak spots and damages throughout your roof. At this point, roof replacement may actually save you money on repairs.

Frequency of Repairs

When you find yourself shelling out payment for more roof repairs, more often, it may be time to consider a replacement. Typically, as roof materials begin to wear out, your roof will develop weak spots that can damage easier and provide only minimal protection. Replacement will restore your roof to optimal protection levels.

Damage Coverage

Sometimes, whether it’s from a storm or another event, your roofing will contain too much damage to feasibly repair while upholding your roof’s integrity. Thankfully, when most of these occurrences happen, they are covered by your insurance policy and will pay for most or all of the work. Damage to multiple areas or components of your roof can cause too many weak spots in the system to provide proper coverage, and in this case, your roof will need to be replaced regardless of its age.

When you need help deciding on roofing replacement or repair, our roofing specialists are here to assist you. Call us today at (307) 224-4912 for answers to all of your roofing questions.