Going “Metal”: 3 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing

It’s not a passing fad. Metal roofing is soaring in popularity across the United States, with good reason. If you’re wondering why, here are three of the most popular reasons to pick a metal roof.

Energy Efficiency

A Shiny Copper Roof

With a Metal Roof, You Don’t Have to Worry about Sudden Repair Costs.

If your home sits in direct sunlight throughout most of the day, you’ll know how quickly things can heat up. HVAC units work their hardest during hours of intense sunlight, because normal roofing tends to absorb heat instead of reflecting it. Metals like aluminum and copper however, are highly reflective, providing relief for your hard-working air conditioning unit.

Elemental Durability

Erosion causes millions of dollars in damage every year for homeowners, but metal roofs rarely show any symptoms (even in states with heavy snowfall). Aluminum is especially common in areas with intense rainfall or high wind speeds, because it doesn’t rust when exposed to the humidity.

Lasting Value

Copper ages well. Really well. As a matter of fact, copper roofing actually develops a unique sheen as it ages, causing it to appreciate in value instead of losing it. Not all metals have the luster of copper, but they do have this in common: they retain their investment value for decades. Metal roofing rarely requires repairs, and homeowner maintenance is simple.  

All three of these benefits show why metal roofing has become so popular in the last decade. For more information on metal or other roofing materials, contact one of our specialists at (307) 224-4912. See which metal might be right for your home.