How do I know if I need new windows?

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New Windows and Better Efficiency

The windows in your home may be talking to you. They may be telling you they are old, tired, and that it is time to replace them. Yes, while they are still offering you a beautiful view every morning, they aren’t going to last forever. Depending on where you’re located, they may get worn out faster than other areas due to exposure to environmental factors.

Having new window replacement is a big decision for any homeowner, primarily because of the expense. Therefore, a homeowner needs to determine if window replacement or repair is the best option for them.  The normal reason why homeowners have window replacements is because there is damage that can’t be repaired, or they are looking to reduce their energy costs with better quality windows. Either way, an additional plus to window replacement with screens is the enhancement to a home’s curb appeal that new windows provide.

 Are replacement windows worth it?

Definitely! Your home is an important investment in your portfolios and window replacement is an investment within that investment. Experts advise that you can expect to see up to 80% back in your investment if you place your house on the market, this, of course, depends on the market your home is located and the quality of windows you choose.  

Single-pane windows: There is not any insulation between the glass panes of this style, making them less efficient. Because these windows are not as efficient, you can lose up to 20% of cooling and heating, thus not recouping as much of your window replacement cost in energy savings.

Double-pane windows: This type of window has 2 layers of glass which slow drafts and leaks, helping lower your energy bills, thus recouping more of your window replacement costs.

How do I choose replacement windows?

Window replacements may appear the same, but they aren’t. A big difference between window replacement products is performance and quality. After choosing your ideal product, upgrading them again won’t be needed for many years, if ever. So, what do you need to know when looking for window replacement products?  Here we offer four steps that will help you get the most for your money.

Window Style

Windows are more than just a way to save on your energy expenses. You should choose one that is aesthetically appealing and blend with your home’s exterior, which is where you can get an idea on the window style to choose.

Frame Material

Next to style, the material used for the frame of your window replacement is important. Vinyl is a popular choice because it requires little maintenance, termite resistant, and doesn’t peel, rot, or warm. There is no need to sand, stain, or paint them again. Window replacement with vinyl frames are customizable and come in a range of colors that can contrast or coordinate with your home’s existing exterior.

Glass Package

An important part of window replacement is the glass package which makes the difference in energy savings.  While a higher quality glass may be more expensive initially, over time it can help you save on energy bills, more than recuperating its initial cost. Important components to consider when choosing a glass package are:

  • Dual or triple-pane glass: Window replacements are available in dual glass pane and triple glass pane. The most common is the dual glass pane but the most energy-efficient is the triple glass pane. In between these panes are one of two gasses:
  • Argon gas: This gas is invisible and odorless, denser than air and will fill the glass panes of the dual pane windows to increase efficiency.
  • Krypton gas: This gas is invisible and odorless, denser than air as well, and is denser than argon gas as well. It is also used to fill the glass panes in dual pane windows and is a better choice for efficiency.
  • Low-e glazing: This is an invisible coating and is thinner than a human hair that is applied on the inside and outside of the glass pane to reduce heat transference.  

Choosing a window replacement that combines these technologies can make a difference in how energy-efficient the windows are.

Custom Window Replacement

Big box stores offer convenience to buy window replacements, but the best way to get what is best for your home is to choose a professional expert in window replacement. They will have a wider choice of quality manufacturers that build their windows upon orders, one at a time instead of mass production. By working with a professional window replacement expert, you’ll have the reassurance for a precise fit and customized service.

What are the best replacement windows?

When you are planning to do a window replacement job, you want to find the best ones from the best brand that you can afford and has the best match for your home. While we are here to recommend one over another, we do have a list of the top 10 replacement window manufacturers:

  1. Andersen Windows
  2. Pella Windows
  3. Milgard Windows
  4. Simonton Windows
  5. Harvey Windows
  6. Loewen Windows
  7. Ply Gem Windows
  8. Alside Windows
  9. PGT Windows
  10. Jeld Wen Windows

Can you replace your own windows?

Window replacement takes a level of skills that not every homeowner may have. If you are using the same window frame and window trim, it is a simpler job, whereas a full window replacement will require tearing out the entire window, frame, and trim. This can take experience and skills as well as special tools that a professional window replacement contractor will have.

Should I replace windows before selling a house?

Smart homeowners already realize that the ROI on some home improvements isn’t as much as it for others, but window replacement is one of the biggest ROI you can have. Just like having the plumbing system checked and repaired, a window replacement will boost the value of your home!

A window replacement job will improve the energy efficiency of your home as well as improve your home’s curb appeal. Get windows that provide the savings you want with as little maintenance as possible! Call Beartooth Exteriors, Inc today at (307) 224-4912 for your window replacement in Mills and Casper, WY.