Is a Shake Shingle Roof Right For You?

close up of wood shingles

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It is common knowledge that while asphalt shingles are the cheapest shingles on the market, they have the shortest lifespan and damage easily. For a shingle roof that will last decades, boost curb appeal, and provide natural durability, get shake shingle roofing. While they do have lots of advantages like aesthetics, cedar roofs do require the most maintenance out of all the roofing systems in order to keep its beauty. Wood shake shingles are prone to leaking and roof rot since water can get trapped underneath the real wood shingles. If you suspect your roof is leaking you can get it examined for holes like with infrared roof scans in Austin, TX. For shake shingle roof repair or installation in Mills and Casper, WY, call the experts at Beartooth Exteriors, Inc at (307) 224-4912 today.

Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofs

  • Giving your home a rustic and fresh appearance, wood shake shingles have a visible 3D appearance that architectural shingles try to imitate and asphalt and 3 tab don’t have at all.
  • Since these shingles are made out of real wood, no two roofs will ever be identical. While this is great for uniqueness, if you ever need to repair or replace a section, it can be hard finding a match.
  • These roofs require regular inspections and washing to remove algae that grows on the wood and to check for leaks since water can get trapped under the shingles.
  • Wood naturally absorbs water and expands, so if your shingles expand too much, they crack, split, and warp and require replacing.
  • Old wood shake shingle roofs used to be extremely flammable, but now cedar roofs are available with fireproof resistant coatings.