How Do You Know If You Have Roof Damage From Hail?

How Do You Know If You Have Roof Damage From Hail?

Find Out How To Inspect for Hail Damage and Determine if Your Need Hail Damage Roof Repair.

When we experience a severe storm that includes hail, it can be devastating to our roofing systems. While we might not think no hail damage was done to our roof, there still could be damage that hasn’t presented itself yet. So how do you know if you have hail damage and require hail damage roof repair? If you aren’t comfortable getting your roof to check, you can always call a professional roofer, or you can look for signs at ground level.

How To Identify Roof Hail Damage

  • Gutters: One of the first things you should look for signs of damage is on your gutters. If you have severe dents or cracks in your gutters, then you probably have roof hail damage; you will most likely need roof repair, as well as seamless gutter installation.
  • Exterior Walls: This really applies if you have siding on your home’s exterior walls. If you have had hail affect your home’s siding, such as making dents or cracks, then there is a good chance that the roof is also damaged.
  • Windows: It’s a good idea to check your windowsills for dings or dents. Of course, this could be from something else, but if you have dents on your walls and gutters, then the dents or dings on your windowsills are most likely from hail.
  • Other Systems & Devices: Look at your air conditioner unit, patio furniture, or mailbox to see if they have any damage. These are good places to look to see if hail might have affected them.

If you think that you need hail damage roof repair in Mills and Casper, WY, please call Beartooth Exteriors, Inc at (307) 224-4912We can also inspect your roof to determine if you do have hail damage.