Residential Metal Roofing in Mills and Casper, WY

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Are you interested in metal roof installation in Mills and Casper, WY? A metal roof might seem like an odd choice for your home, but it is gaining popularity due to the many benefits it offers. Not only can the energy efficiency of metal save you money on energy expenses, the longevity and durability of these materials mean you are less likely to need a roof replacement anywhere in the near future. Quality metal roofs are built to withstand high winds and hail better than most other roofing materials. They also come in many styles so you can have whatever look you want whether it is sleek metal panels or rugged shingles that resemble wood shakes.

Metal roofs last well beyond the typical lifespan of asphalt roofing which can degrade in less than twenty years. Depending on the metal used, some roofs can even last over a hundred years! Residential metal roofing in Mills and Casper, WY is a popular choice for homeowners that want a durable, weather-resistant material that holds up well in inclement weather. Most metal roofing is impact resistant, as well as impervious to fire and moisture. Give our roofers a call at (307) 224-4912 if you are interested in metal roof installation for your home.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing seam metal has distinct raised seams that interlock together creating a waterproof barrier that covers the fasteners in each panel. This creates a seamless look and reduces the change of moisture seeping through the panels into the structure of the roof itself. These ribbed metal roofs are highly customizable. You have a choice of different types of metal the panels are made from including zinc, aluminum, and steel. There are even different types of coatings, rib heights, installation methods available giving you plenty of flexibility in getting that final look you are going for. For professional standing seam metal roofing in Mills and Casper, WY, contact Beartooth Exteriors, Incfor a custom built roof from certified roof contractors.

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Standing Seam Metal Roofs Offer Reinforced Protection and Longer Life.

Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is a popular option among the different metal roof varieties available. It is considered a flexible, energy efficient material that can withstand severe weather and has less general maintenance requirements compared to asphalt shingles. Steel roof installation is usually performed with one of two materials: galvanized or galvalume steel panels. What is the differences between galvanized and galvalume metal roofing? The material makeup of the metal:

  • Galvanized metal roofing is manufactured into sheets of carbon steel and then coated with a iron-zinc coating to prevent corrosion. It has higher durability compared to galvalume but is more susceptible to corrosion.
  • Galvalume roofing also starts out as sheets of carbon steel. The difference lies in the coating, which is made up of aluminum and zinc. While these panels are more vulnerable to damage compared to galvanized steel, they have much better resistances to corrosion. The coating process also leaves a smoother finish to the panels.

Both of these panels are energy resistant, flame retardant, and water tight. You can expect a steel roof to last upwards of fifty years! Beartooth Exteriors, Inc is available for residential steel roofing in Mills and Casper, WY so give us a call at (307) 224-4912 if you are interested in steel roof installation for your home.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

If you are interested in designer shingle styles, stone coated steel come in different variations that can substitute for pricey slate, tile, and wood. Stone coated steel is manufactured steel shingles or tiles that are covered in a stone chip coating that increases the durability and strength of the base material. Stone coated steel can, not only give you the look of rustic tile or split wood shake, but lasts over fifty years. These shingles are also designed with impact resistance, adding extra protection against hail and debris that could damage your roof. Beartooth Exteriors, Inc provides top quality stone coated steel roofing in Mills and Casper, WY. Contact our roofing contractors to find out whether stone coated steel is right for your home.

Aluminum Roofing Installation

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Aluminum Roofing Provides Strength While Eliminating Rust and Decomposition.

Of the many metal roof options available, aluminum roofing is an excellent choice when you are in need of a light-weight panel for your roof. If you are interested in aluminum roofing in Mills and Casper, WY, our certified roofers are more than happy to discuss the materials we have available. This durable metal roofing is one of the lightest metals available for roofs and is best known for its high corrosion resistance. Because of this, it is a popular choice for coastal homes that could become damaged by seawater. Due to aluminum roofing being lighter and more flexible compared to steel roofing, it is suitable for intricate roofing systems that require metal that can be shaped and customized to fit the roof.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

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Corrugated Metal Roofing Offers a Rustic Feel With Unrivaled Durability.

When it comes to metal panel roofing, there are different forms available depending on the installation you are looking for. Popular corrugated metal roofing systems include R-panel and U-panel roofing. These panels are a favorite due to the fact they can install directly over the top of shingles eliminating the need for a full tear-off. Both types of metal roofing are made from ribbed metal panels with exposed fasteners. U-Panel is a preferred option for residential roofing due to the smaller 3/4” rib height giving the roof a lower profile compared to the varied rib height of R-Panels. Whichever you choose, this corrugated metal roofing protects your home with an excellent fire rating and Class 4 impact resistance against natural disasters.

Metal Roof Shingles

Maybe you want the durability of a metal roof but you prefer the traditional look of shingles. Thankfully, there are many metal roof shingle varieties to choose from! With metal shingles you can have a roof that retains the look of compositional shingles or, if you want a unique style, choose from steel shingles that mimic slate or wood shake. Not only are you getting the benefits of metal roofing but you are bypassing the expense and maintenance requirements of natural wood or tile shingles. Learn more about metal roof shingles in Mills and Casper, WY when you contact our roofing experts!

Beartooth Exteriors, Inc Metal Roof Installation

No matter what style of metal roof you are looking for, Beartooth Exteriors, Inc roofers are sure to find the best match for your home. Residential metal roofing has a multitude of benefits including energy savings, better durability, and excellent weather resistance. Take advantage of these amazing features and update the roof of your home now! Contact our team at (307) 224-4912 for professional metal roofing in Mills and Casper, WY.