Corrugated Metal Roof Installation and Services

For years, corrugated metal has been used for warehouse and industrial roofing where strength and durability are more of a concern than appearance. However, new advancements in technology have allowed corrugated metal roof installation in Casper, WY to be a feasible consideration for home roofing. While there are still types of corrugated metal that are best suited for industrial use, many types are now being used in residential installations such as U panel roofing and R panel roofing. To learn more about the advancements in durability and appearance of corrugated metal roofing, call (307) 224-4912 today.

Our Experts Can Install Your Corrugated metal Roof Quickly and Conveniently.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Offers a Rustic Feel With Unrivaled Durability.

U Panel Roofs

With metal roofing options such as standing seam, you get 29 gauge panels, and with U panel roofing, there are 26 gauge panels. These panels are more pleasing to the eye without sacrificing strength or longevity, making them highly favored when it comes to homes. U panel metal roofing can also be applied directly over the present shingles, saving you money on tear-off fees. There are also a ton of varied colors to choose from providing you the chance to bring together the look of your home or business.

R Panel Options

R panels are best known for their nominal maintenance needs and high resistance to the elements. These panels provide a more sporadic pattern of raised areas for a more uniform, fluid appearance. R panels can be applied on top of your shingles, saving you tear-off costs and can be expected to last for about 50 years. These panels have a rugged, rustic appearance that many enjoy for their home. R panel roofing options are wind resistant up to 140 MPH and are available in multiple colors and tints to help you create the perfect look.

Exceptional Metal Roofing Services

You have so much to gain when you decide to invest in a metal roof: decreased maintenance, durability, enhanced energy efficiency, just to name a few. Corrugated metal roofing adds a rustic look to your home while providing exceptional protection and durability. If you would like to get more information or to schedule your metal roof installation in Casper, WY, please give us a call at (307) 224-4912.