Which Metal Roofing is Best for Your Home

When it comes time to reroof your home, you’re faced with a plethora of roofing choices, from shingle options to tile and slate choices. In today’s roofing industry, metal roofs for homes aren’t uncommon. In fact, over 14 percent of homes in The United States are equipped with residential metal roofing. One possible reason why metal roofing has become so popular is because of the long list of benefits that accompany each roofing system. To find out which metal roofing system is best for you, read more about your residential metal roofing options.

Why Choose a Metal Roofing System?

Metal Roof on a Home

Residential Metal Roofing Options Offer Substantial Protection and First-Class Style.

With so many roofing options, it can be difficult to identify the ideal system for your home. Shingles offer protection and affordability but likely won’t stand up to severe weather or heavy impacts as well as other materials. On the other end of the scale, tile, wood and slate roofing offers incredible durability and style, but at a hefty cost. Thankfully, homeowners can now have the best of both worlds with a residential metal roofing system. These lightweight, long-lasting systems require no preinstallation bracing and can protect your home for 50-100 years. In fact, many metal roof systems come with a 50-year warranty. Although this material is lighter weight than many premium options, it still offers incredible benefits. Metal roofing delivers

  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements
  • Low Repair Occurrences
  • Fire Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Weather and Water Protection
  • And much more!

Along with the general benefits of all metal roofing systems, each style has its own list of advantages.

Types of Metal Roofing Systems

Just like with most roofing materials, metal roof panels a multitude of styles and types. Each style of roofing delivers unbeatable benefits and aesthetics that will last for years and provide unrivaled protection. Whether you’re in the market for a simple, rustic style or you’re looking for something more modern, there is a metal roofing choice that meets your needs.

Metal Tiles

Metal Roof Tiles

For a unique appearance that still offers top-level protection, consider metal roof tiles. These metal roof panel styles are available in faux slate, tile, and even wood to deliver a classy look that still requires little maintenance and repair. Metal roof tiles have all the benefits of metal roofing including energy efficiency, fire resistance, and long life while being much less expensive than their wood, tile, or slate alternatives.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal

These metal roof panel styles are used on steep-sloped roofs for extreme water protection. These panels are ridged for reinforced strength along with added flexibility. This allows your roofing system to provide extra protection against impacts and high winds as well as delivering defense from seam separation. Available in both steel and aluminum options, these roofing systems are a top choice among metal roofing systems.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing Seam Metal

When you want the ultimate protection from water and snow, these metal panels are the option for you. Because this style of metal roofing is assembled with raised, vertical seams that are snap locked or mechanically sealed, they offer unbeatable water drainage and seam protection. These systems’ raised seams also offer reinforced impact protection by shielding the panels with the raised seam area.

Stone Coated Steel

Stone Coated Metal

If you’re looking for a metal panel roof without the rustic appearance of metal, stone coated metal roofing may be the best choice for your roof. These panels are coated with stone fragments which not only deliver impeccable style and class, but also provide reinforced protection from UV rays, impacts, and water. These panels are available in almost any style and color and can deliver a unique appearance for more than 50 years.

Can Metal Roofing go Over Shingles?

Metals roofs are known for being able to be installed directly over most shingle roofs, cutting the expense and hassle of a roof tear-off. Unlike other roofing systems, metal roofing materials will protect at the same level, even when applied over previous roof materials. However, if your roofing system already has multiple layers of material, it may be recommended to complete a tear off for optimal efficiency and protection. A professional roofing team can inspect your current roof and help you decide whether you should complete a tear-off before installing the new material.

Local Metal Roofing Experts You Can Trust

When it’s time to replace your home’s roofing system, don’t get overwhelmed by the various roof material options. Metal roofing provides the protection and affordability that you want from your roof while delivering the protection and style you expect. The Beartooth Exteriors, Inc team provides top quality residential metal roofing throughout the Mills and Casper, WY area so you can rest assured that your roof is strong, sturdy, and ready to handle whatever comes. For more information about your metal roofing options in the Mills and Casper, WY area or to speak with our experts about your metal roof, call the Beartooth Exteriors, Inc team today at (307) 224-4912.