What is Gutter Repair?

A Segment of Gutter is Installed.

Do roofers fix gutters?

Who does gutter work? That may be the question you’re asking if you have clogged gutters or your gutters have leaks or dents. If you just need to clean your gutters, and you have a ladder, hose and something to scoop out debris and leaves with, then you can clean your gutters yourself. But many roofers also provide gutter repair and cleaning services. In fact, you may prefer to have a professional service clean and repair your gutters. Roofers, like those at Beartooth Exteriors, Inc, often have the right equipment and materials for gutter repair. 

So, if you have leaks, clogs or other problems, and need an experienced and reliable team for gutter repair in Mills and Casper, WY, then give us a call at (307) 224-4912

In the same way you trust roofers to repair leaks in your gutter, a trusted plumber is valuable for water line repair.

What is the best material for gutters?

Gutters can be made from a wide variety of materials, though aluminum, vinyl, steel and copper are the most common. Each of these materials, as well as the less common wood gutters, has its merits, and much will depend on what your needs are for your gutter system, your budget, and the type of roofing system you have. Here is a list of the types of gutters and some of their advantages and disadvantages

Material for gutters

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is low-cost and easy to install. But, for colder climates vinyl gutters are prone to cracking and improper installation may cause pooling in sections.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum gutters are also popular because they are relatively low cost and easy to install. Also, if you want seamless gutters, rather than sectional, your only choice for now is aluminum. You have to be careful when cleaning these gutters, because ladders can dent them easily.   
  • Galvanized and stainless steel: Galvanized and stainless steel gutters are much more durable than aluminum, but they tend to cost more to install, and galvanized steel is prone to rusting.
  • Copper: Copper gutters are also very durable, but usually costs for installation and repair can be high.
  • Wood: Wood is rarely used for gutters, unless you are renovating an older historic home. They are also expensive gutters and do not last as long as other gutter types.

How much does it cost to repair gutters?

Gutter repair costs will vary, depending on the type of repair being made and the material the gutter is made of, the height of the house and the length of the gutter. When you get gutters repaired, you’ll also want to factor in labor costs. That said, the average gutter repair cost is between about $170 to $520. If you are looking for affordable gutter repair in Mills and Casper, WY, rely on the experts at Beartooth Exteriors, Inc. Call us today at (307) 224-4912 for a gutter repair estimate or to schedule services.

When should gutters be replaced?

Generally, with good maintenance, keeping them clean in particular, you should expect your gutters to last about 20 years before they need to be replaced. Some types of gutters like copper can last as long as 50 years. No matter what kind of gutter system you have, however, they will only last as long as you keep them cleaned regularly and make any necessary repairs. In some cases, if you are experiencing multiple leaks or your gutters have started to sag away from the edge of the roof, or have split in spots, you will probably save money by replacing them.

Gutter repair vs. replacement

In general making sure your gutters are cleaned and repaired when needed is cheaper than replacing the whole system. A full replacement runs anywhere between $1,600 and $2,200 and the costs are based largely on the material used and the linear footage of the gutter system. As with repairs, you’ll factor in the height of the home and labor charges. If you add accessories like leaf guards, expect to pay a little more for the installation.

Gutter repair and installation

Whether your current gutter system just needs to be repaired or you need a whole new system installed, you know you can rely on our team for professional services. We offer a wide range of repair services and install a variety of gutters including aluminum, vinyl, steel, and copper.

A Man Cleans and Repairs a Gutter.

Gutter repair how to

Some gutter repairs, like leaks, are relatively easy to make. Most leaks occur at the seams and can be sealed by applying silicone or gutter repair caulk along the inside and outside of the seams. Small holes that cause leaks can be patched with roofing cement. The cement is spread around the hole with a putty knife. Larger holes can be patches of sheet metal applied over the hole with asphalt roofing cement.

If you want a professional for your gutter repair in Mills and Casper, WY, then make sure to call Beartooth Exteriors, Inc. We can be reached at (307) 224-4912